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Sirloin Caps "Wagyu Picanha"

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Pronounced “pee-kahn-yah,” this cut is known as the queen of meats. Coming straight from Brazil, this cut is renowned for its flavor. It is also an affordable luxury that can feed a whole table, with leftovers. Guests will always be impressed with the taste and history of the Picanha steak from Brazil.

Picanha was the name of the pole farmers used to herd cattle on the Iberian Peninsula during colonization. It also refers to the tool used to brand cows.

Spanish and Portuguese migrants brought the name to Brazil more than 100 years ago. Although there are many types of this beef cut in and out of Brazil, the right Picanha is recognizable.

The cut should weigh no more than two pounds. Going any higher in weight results in a “coxão duro” (silverside) tougher cut.

There is very little fat on a Picanha steak from Brazil. Instead, it has a fat concentrate on the top called a sirloin cap fat. The sirloin cap fat on the steak provides a distinct aroma as long as it is the proper thickness of around one centimeter. The picanha must be cooked fully to bring about its tenderness.

Picanha Versus Ribeye

Steak connoisseurs describe ribeye as the king of steak and the Picanha steak from Brazil is the queen. Both are premium cuts that share similar fat content and tenderness. They also take around the same time to cook.

Picanha steak from Brazil is usually cooked in just salt. A ribeye, however, is highly seasoned with salt, black pepper and garlic powder to build up its preferred flavor.

Indulge in sirloin cap fat on steak

Owing to the cap fat that renders on the meat as it cooks, Picanha steak from Brazil provides big flavor. Most eat it fat side down, sliced, and savor every tender bite.

Ribeyes have more even fat marbling that melts into the strands as it cooks for exquisite tenderness.

Marinate a Picanha steak from Brazil

An alternative to salt-only preparation is to combine lemon pepper, Brazilian sofrito, dried parsley, and mustard for the marinade. Slice the meat in the same direction as the fiber and season both sides for 15 minutes. Grill at 350°F and pair with rice, burgers, chimichurri, meat platters, and much more.

You might have heard of Picanha steak from Brazil, called rump cover, rump cap, sirloin cap or even culotte steak. The cut from underused muscles of the rump is triangular and is surrounded by a thick layer of fat called cap fat.

When buying, look at each cut’s size, fat content, and excess liquid. Smaller cuts tend to be better and should not be drowning in visible liquid.

Explore how to cook Picanha

Whether you choose to barbecue, rotisserie, grill or roast your Picanha steak from Brazil, the meat should be brought to room temperature. Pat the cut dry with a paper towel and trim off any pronounced skin.

Enjoy a good fry up

Your pan should have a heavy base when frying a Picanha steak from Brazil. Place the fat side down on high heat to render and then sear on both sides. When the golden crust emerges, turn the heat down and cook to your preference.

Fire up the grill

Wipe your fired-up grill with a wet paper towel on a tong. Rub a small nugget of fat on the grate to prevent the steak from sticking to the grill and place it on the outer edge to avoid overcooking. Close the hood and cook for six minutes, then flip, placing the steaks in the center of the grill to sear on both sides.

Make a Sunday roast an event

Roast the Picanha steak from Brazil whole before slicing for a rare treat. Preheat the oven and rub a nugget of fat on a cast iron pan. Put the heat on high and sear the Picanha fat side down without any oil because the fat will release.

Drain and reserve the fat until the outside of the cut is crisp. Flip the meat and baste in the reserved fat. Place the cut in the oven for 30 minutes to finish. Allow the Picanha to rest before carving against the grain.

Tantalize with BBQ

Also known as churrasco, traditional Brazilian barbecues slice, skewer and grill the Picanha steak. Cut into three or four thick crescent pieces and skewer. Season and cook over a charcoal cooker for 20 minutes. Turn the steak over at least twice to ensure even cooking.

Part of the fun of cooking a Picanha is playing around with cooking methods. Pair with a stellar red wine and delight your guests with this ultra-flavourful steak.

The Grand Western Difference: Picanha Steaks from Brazil

Impress guests with the taste and textures of Picanha steak from Brazil. Our stellar customer service and fast shipping ensure you get to experience this culinary delight in its most premium form and delight all guests.

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    Wagyu Sirloin Fat On Whole “Picanha” BMS 8-9
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