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Japanese Wagyu Beef

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Wagyu Beef Japanese - buy online. Best Japanese wagyu beef price

Wagyu is famous throughout the world for its exquisite marbling, buttery texture and decadent flavor. The imported A5 Japanese Wagyu from Grand Western Steaks is the real thing.

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'Wa' means Japanese and 'gyu' means cow; the name translates to “Japanese cattle.” We only choose Japanese farmers who harness the power of artisanal and traditional methods with a few cattle at a time to focus on protocols for meeting the world’s strictest beef standards.

Enjoy the memorable experience of this melt-in-your-mouth beef at home with an incredible umami flavor profile unlike any other. Millions of fans throughout the world have developed a keen eye for Japanese Wagyu’s intricate marbling and juicy tenderness.

Grand Western Steaks has Wagyu selections that set the standard for flavor, tenderness and marbling for you and your family.

What is Japanese Wagyu Beef?

If you’ve never had Wagyu before, you will never taste beef the same way after experiencing true luxury from the first to the last bite. Discover its signature marbling and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness.

Why is Japanese Wagyu So Special?

The Japanese government holds Wagyu cattle to the strictest standards in the world. Each head of cattle has their nose print taken after birth to keep track of its lineage. These types of cattle started as beasts of burden. Once it was discovered that their meat had such amazing fat that allowed it to braise from the inside out, the cows were no longer prized just for their physical endurance.

For 600 days, the cows are fed a specialized diet that includes fresh grass, alfalfa and rice straw to ensure consistency and flavor.

Health Benefits of Japanese Wagyu Beef

One of the biggest health myths out there is that all fat is bad. On the contrary, monounsaturated fat can actually lower cholesterol. The intricate and decadent marbling of Japanese Wagyu has a lower cholesterol count than chicken, turkey or Atlantic salmon.

The Grand Western Steaks Wagyu Beef Difference

You don’t have to travel to Japan to devour authentic Japanese Wagyu. Grand Western Steaks offers several premium selections of Japanese Wagyu to transform your next meal or family gathering into an event. You and your loved ones will experience a premium selection of beef that is revered throughout the world for its delectable in-depth flavor and intricate marbling.

Wet-Aged and Dry-Aged Premium Japanese Wagyu Selections

Your palate doesn’t even know the spectacular experience it has been missing, complete with tenderness and marbling, with our wet-aged and dry-aged Wagyu selections. What is the difference between the two processes? Dry aging concentrates the flavor and makes the meat tender. Wet-aged meat has a more even flavor distribution.

Experience Authentic Japanese A5 Wagyu

There are four categories for determining Wagyu beef quality: marbling, brightness of the beef, firmness and texture, and fat quality. Wagyu is assigned a rating of 1-5 in each category.

  • 5: Excellent
  • 4: Good
  • 3: Average
  • 2: Below average
  • 1: Poor

Grand Western Steaks gets the top grade of A5 for our Japanese Wagyu beef. Less than one percent of Wagyu production can achieve this level of impeccable marbling, color, firmness, tenderness and fat quality.

We pride ourselves on bringing premium quality and cuts to your table. Our butchers are experts in determining the kind of beef, its origins and how it was raised to deliver the food/culinary experiences you deserve.

Explore burgers, ground beef, tomahawks, and even filets to make your next BBQ the new standard in flavor and tenderness with our exclusive Wagyu selections.

Make the holidays or any occasion even better with A5 Japanese and Australian Wagyu beef as the star ingredient. Our exclusive cuts have certificates of authenticity paired with our stellar customer service and fast shipping. Place your order today!

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    Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Ribeye
    Starting at $142.45 ea.
    • Best Seller
    japanese wagyu a5, a5 wagyu
    Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Strip
    Starting at $132.95 ea.
    • Best Seller
    Wagyu A5 Blend Burgers
    Wagyu A5 Blend Burgers
    Starting at $10.10 ea.
      buy ribeye, japanese wagyu a5, a5 wagyu
      Hokkaido A5 Wagyu Ribeye
      Starting at $179.95 ea.
      • Best Seller
      • Ships Free
      Kobe A5 Wagyu Strip Steak
      Kobe A5 Wagyu Strip Steak
      Starting at $579.95 ea.
      • Ships Free
      ribeye steak
      Kobe A5 Wagyu Ribeye Steak
      Starting at $399.95 ea.
        buy ribeye steak, japanese a5 wagyu, japanese wagyu, japanese wagyu beef
        Wagyu A5 Steak Pieces | 8 oz Pack
        Starting at $52.20 ea.
          Olive A5 Wagyu Ribeye Steak
          Olive A5 Wagyu Ribeye Steak
          Starting at $499.95 ea.
          • Best Seller
          japanese wagyu a5, a5 wagyu
          Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Filet Mignon
          Starting at $61.70 ea.
          • Best Choice
          Hokkaido A5 Wagyu Strip Steak *Weekly Deal*
          Hokkaido A5 Wagyu Strip Steak *Weekly Deal*
          Now Only Starting at $99.99 ea. Reg $149.95
            beef kobe
            Wagyu A5 Filet Mignon Pieces | 8 oz Pack
            Starting at $54.95 ea.

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