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Every Kobe steak is Wagyu, but not all Wagyu beef is Kobe.
The beef is so revered around the world, a mythos has surrounded the farmers’ best practices such as having the cattle listen to classical music, drink beer and enjoy regular massages.

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'Much like champagne can only be produced in its namesake region in France, Kobe beef can only be raised and processed to its almost impossible standards in the district of Hyogo, Japan. Kobe is the capital city, which is how the beef has gotten its name, and the strain of Wagyu beef it comes from is called Tajima-Gyu.

Considered by many the superior steak, Kobe is simply the most sought-after beef on the planet. Grand Western became the only authorized meat purveyor of Kobe Beef in Florida in 2020 and operates under exclusive license from the Kobe Beef Marketing & Distribution Promotion Association.

What is Kobe Beef?

Kobe commands the highest per pound price on the market without exception. Why? Well, the superior selection, care, and feeding of Wagyu breeders set it miles apart from regular beef. There have been only four dominant strains of Wagyu cattle since the 1880s.

The Seven Standards of Kobe

Kobe beef is identified by its abundant marbling that results in an indulgent flavor. To ensure this, these are the seven standards the beef must meet upon slaughter:

  • Bullock (steer) or virgin cow
  • Tajima-Gyu born within Hyogo Prefecture
  • Fed on a farm within Hyogo Prefecture
  • Meat processed within Hyogo Prefecture
  • Marbling rating (BMS) of 6 or higher on a 12-point scale
  • Meat quality rating of 4 or higher on a 5-point scale
  • An overall weight not exceeding 1,036 pounds

Standards are so strict, only 4,000 head of cattle achieve the distinction of qualifying as true Kobe cattle each year. In addition, there are only 300 farms that can take care of these prized bovines in Japan. As a result, these premium cuts command top dollar.

Fun Fact: Japan only started exporting Kobe beef to America in 2012. In the 1970s, Americans tried to put their own spin on premium beef production. To manage the raising and registration of all forms of Japanese Wagyu beef, the American Wagyu Association was formed to exceed the quality of other prime steaks.

Nutritional Information for Kobe Beef

Wagyu Kobe beef is rich in iron, protein, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Although famed for its intricate marbling, the primarily monounsaturated fat is heart healthy. The beef is so prized all over the world for good reason for its intricate marbling and indulgent flavor.

Impress loved ones and anyone invited to your table with your knowledge of Kobe beef. Discover the taste and textures of our burgers, ground beef, tomahawks, and even filets with our exclusive Kobe selections.

Upgrade your holidays or any occasion with Japanese Wagyu Kobe beef. Our exclusive wet-aged and dry-aged cuts have certificates of authenticity to show we have met the seven standards of qualification. Our stellar customer service and fast shipping ensure you get to experience this culinary delight in its most premium form. Place your order today!

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