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Holiday Feast Oven Roasted Leg Of Lamb

Our Domestic Lamb Leg is Boned, Rolled, Tied & Netted. The perfect cut now available for your special celebrations! Grab your favorite lamb leg recipe and enjoy the finest lamb available in the market. Bring the family together with this one of a kind roast that is sure to amaze. Each piece is cut with precision and poise by our veteran butchers. This attention to detail provides the highest quality mouth-watering every time you order!
September 23, 2021

Festive Feast Tomahawk Roast

Grand Western Reserve beef is defined by its wonderful marbling and juicy flavor, incorporating the attributes of US Prime and the versatility of top tier US Choice Beef. This Tomahawk has all these attributes in addition to being the most rich and tender cut. the ultimate ribeye eating experience. Not every day you get to eat like The Flintstones. In the past, the long bone was used as a handle. This is where the name came from - Tomahawk. This Tomahawk Steak, also called Long Bone Cowboy Steak - is well marbled for the perfect taste. We take pride of everything that carries our private Grand Western Reserve label. If we put our name on the product, rest assure that it's top quality.
September 23, 2021

Holiday Prime Rib Roast

Prime is defined by its juicy and flavorful marbling found only in the top 2% of all US Beef.Marbling and maturity make the grade. Exceptional flavor, tenderness and juiciness. USDA Prime beef is served at some of the finest restaurants in the United States by top chefs.This 3 Bone Standing Rib Roast has all these attributes in addition to being the most juiciest tender cut. We hand select the finest Export Ribs available, trim them to perfection and separate the first 3 bones to make sure only best Rib Roast qualify for our Home Delivery.Available in USDA Prime and High Choice (Premium). Aged up to 4 weeks for maximum tenderness and flavor. This roast averages between 7-8 lbs. and will serve up to 7 people with no problem. Bring the family together with this one of a kind roast that is sure to amaze.
September 23, 2021

Flavorful, Tender and Juicy Chicken Every Time

All you need to make a meal memorable is one great main course. Few main courses are as versatile and healthy as chicken.

January 15, 2020

Make It Tonight: Mongolian Style Braised Beef Brisket

When it comes to family dinner, few things can beat a well-made piece of beef. Beef, when done well, is tender, juicy, and hearty—everything your family could want.

January 15, 2020

Easiest Rack of Lamb Recipe: 3 Flavorful Tips

Favorable, tender, and mouthwatering, a well-sourced and well-cooked rack of lamb is an event meal the whole family can enjoy. Lamb has more flavor than traditional beef roasts, and a roasted bone-in rack has a more exciting, dramatic look as well.

January 15, 2020